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Witchcraft and other crimes that can land you in prison

Here’s a list of crimes that you probably don’t know can land you in prison in Nigeria

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Witchcraft and other crimes that can land you in prison

Here’s a list of crimes that you probably don’t know can land you in prison in Nigeria


Witchcraft?! Yes! Witchcraft can land you in prison in Nigeria. This might sound absurd to some of you who might want to argue about how witchcraft is somewhat tied to the African traditional beliefs and might not hold water in the court of law.

The truth is, witchcraft wasn’t always recognized as an offense till recently when a provision was passed. According to the law, witchcraft entails; flying in the night with a broom, worshiping juju, using juju with the intent to kill, and even selling or aiding in the manufacturing of Juju capable of causing harm. Witchcraft is officially a punishable offense that can land you a 2-year prison sentence as a misdemeanor in Nigeria and you’d be found guilty if;

  • You confess your involvement in witchcraft
  • You accuse someone else without probable cause
  • You sell or aid in the manufacturing of juju capable of causing harm
  • You preside or control the worship of juju or if you are the worshipper of one.
  • You carry out human sacrifices
  • You are found with human parts.


Yes, your life belongs to you, but the Nigerian government believes that you have no right to take your own life. If you feel your world is caving in and you believe taking your life is the perfect answer, think again. Not only is suicide considered an offense in Nigeria, but it can also land you a 2-year prison sentence. Life is very important to the Nigerian government and they’d gladly send you to prison if you attempt to take your own life.

Sleeping with imbeciles

Sleeping with an imbecile is considered a huge offense in Nigeria and is likened to rape. Sex is supposed to be between 2 consenting partners and in this case, it is believed that an imbecile is incapable of giving consent. Therefore, if you sleep with an imbecile, your crime is likened to rape making this a punishable offense in Nigeria.


There are so many things that are sacred to the law and going against these laws are hugely frowned upon in Nigeria. Perjury simply means lying under oath in the court of law and more common, lying on your affidavit. This offense can land you a jail sentence of more than 6 months. 


The act of a man having sexual relations with another man is one crime that is gravely frowned upon, not only in Nigeria but in Africa as a whole. It is true that a lot of other countries are beginning to embrace this diversity but in most African countries, it is considered a taboo and a thing quite difficult to grasp that a man would prefer to have sex with another man. Anyone found guilty of this crime in Nigeria, has a prison sentence of 14 years.

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